Renault Clio Wiring Loom Problems

The main cause of failure for these types of ECUs is the top left side (looking into the engine) of the wiring engine loom, see picture below.

This section of wiring is prone to chafing through by the ECU cover, and the hard rubber silicone that covers the wiring causes electrical interference causing all sorts of electrical faults, and ultimately damages the ECU. 


Therefore it is highly recommended before fitting a replacement ECU to replace the loom with a new one from Renault Main Dealer who are aware of the designed fault and supply the new loom without the hard-rubber silicone cover. 


Note1: Do not try repairing the loom, because you would need to fully strip wire by wire the whole length of the loom to avoid further interference, thus just change it by either a new one or a second hand one from a newer clio which were already fitted with the superseded one. 

Note2: some models were already fitted with a standard non hard-rubber wiring loom, if this is your case then ignore this notice.