About us

At Cartech Electronics we are a company that is extremely passionate about both technology and automotive with our main aim being solutions. Our goal is to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible whilst giving you a high-quality job and parts with outstanding customer support.

Founded in Plymouth, England, and in the trade since 2006, we specialise in vehicle ECUs (Engine/Electronic Control Units). We focus solely on this area so that all our efforts and knowledge can be channelled into the one system. 

Our company includes. 

Electronics engineers from the University of Plymouth (




Automotive engineer from the University of Leuven (



With our highly skilled engineers working closely together we have developed test bench equipment that can simulate the exact parameters in an ECU that are crucial for finding faults. Our most recently designed test bench can simulate an ECU for an hour, which would be equal to 5000 miles of use in a vehicle, making our test bench technology extremely accurate. 


We constantly strive to improve our equipment and investment, resulting in the best service possible for our customers.