Vauxhall Opel ECU Programming

Disclaimer: Follow these instructions at your own risk, and note that instructions may slighly differ from vehicle to vehicle.


Instructions on how to program a replacement ECU using Vaux-COM or OP-COM

1. Click on Diagnostics 

2. Select year of car, the number between brackets is the 10th character of the vehicle VIN number. 

3. Select the model 

4. Select "BODY"

5. Select "IMMOBILISER" (note depending the model and year of the vehicle this can be immobiliser 1, or immobiliser 2 or CIM). 

6. Here the machine will communicate with the Immobiliser system which is located inside the body control unit, after the communication has been stablished click on "PROGRAMMING"

7. Click on "Security Code" and enter your own vehicle security code. 


9. Select "IMMOBILISER AND ECM INSTALLED" and click "OK" and then Click "YES" in the pop up window.

10. In newer car the VIN number must be installed into the replacement ECU as well. 

10. And that's it, you can click back and disconnect the machine, switch ignition Off and back ON and your ECU and immobiliser system are matched and ready to go, you will notice (depending on vehicle) that the engine management light has stopped flashing)



Instructions on how to program a replacement ECU using TECH-2

1. Select "BODY"

2. Select "Programming"

3. Select "Program Immobiliser Functions"

4. Select installed engine.

5. Select "Immobiliser and ECM Installed" 

6. Enter the vehicle's security code

7. Enter the vehicle's VIN number

8. Follow the interactions on screen and it will be done.