ECU Variants

ECU Clone (Plug & Play):

Also known as ECU with data transfer. The ECU is supplied pre-programmed using the data from your old ECU, using your car’s default settings (ABS, A/C, Cruise Control, etc) and immobiliser data. This unit, once recoded, is dispatched ready to Plug & Play. Further key programming or any other modifications are not required. 

Important: We do not test your faulty ECU including the software. 

For the free data transfer you must send us your old ECU to allow us to sync the data to the new unit. We aim to dispatch this within 2-5 working days, but please check with us first for turnaround times.

Please note: Unless you specifically request otherwise, we will not return your original ECU with your replacement. For some ECU's, due to the nature of the data transfer job, we will not be able to return the original.

If you would like us to collect your ECU please click here for a quotation!


Immo-OFF ECU (Plug & Play):

An Immo-OFF, also known as Unlocked, Decoded and Free Run ECU is supplied without immobiliser data, no need for key programming. This ECU is dispatched ready to Plug and Play. No wiring or modification is required to the car. Note that depending on vehicle type and model some vehicles may show some error messages on the dash

Disclaimer: This ECU modification (unlock/decode) should only be used for racing purposes, Cartech Electronics Ltd is in no way responsible if this solution is not used in accordance with the laws in your country.


Self-programming ECU (Plug & Play):

The ECU is supplied ready for self-programming, once fitted to the car it will become automatically coded to the immobiliser system. This unit is fully Plug & Play. 


Locked ECU:

This ECU is supplied locked, this is NOT a plug and play ECU. To enable function of  the ECU you must be able to recode or program it to your car yourself. Main dealer agencies will not be able to program a locked ECU to the vehicle. 

Please note there is no warranty or support with this option.  



Note, parts from 1998 and up vehicles are complicated and anti-theft systems have further complicated installation of used or new modules. Replacing an ECM in most cases require re-programming by a qualified Technician or high tech automotive locksmith. In most makes and models dealerships tools are locked by the manufacturer to prevent installation of used modules into a vehicle. Please verify installation procedures before purchase. We are not able to answer any questions related to installation. Buyers need to qualify the reprogrammers of the ECM to make sure they have the required tools or knowledge for each vehicle applications. If they are unable to program they will condemn the ECU as defective. Buyer hereby acknowledges that the sellers' liability is limited to the price of the item sold. We will not be liable for any damage or injury that results from any use of used auto parts or any other item sold on on our website.



Reset (Virgin) ECU:

A reset ECU means the ECU has been reset back to a “new” virgin state. With this option the ECU will need to be programmed by main dealer or qualified technician using specific equipment.