Diagnostic Trial

Are you unsure of what’s causing your vehicle fault?


 Intermittent fault that may not show up on a bench test?


Purchased a replacement from us already and this hasn't fixed the problem?


You have 2 weeks to try the replacement ECU, if it doesn’t fix your problem, send it back to us, simple!

(Subject to restock fees and shipping deductions stated below, exclusions apply) 




Here’s How Our Diagnostic Trial Works:


Firstly, place the order online and pay for the replacement as normal. 


Once you receive your ECU, if the replacement doesn’t make a difference to your fault then you can return it to us knowing that you’ve ruled out the ECU as the problem and you can continue with diagnosing the fault elsewhere in the vehicle. (See below for restocking fee information)


If your replacement fixes the problem then YAY!! You’ve already got your replacement without needing to send anything away for testing or incurring any test fees, its a win-win.


Restock Fee:

This Fee is deducted from your refund once the ECU replacement has been received back in our warehouse. Each product listing will show the restock fee tier, you can use the table below to determine the relevant restock fee.



Trial restock fee (inc. VAT)


£79.99 (£95.99)


£109.99 (£131.99)


£124.99 (£149.99) 


£149.99 (£179.99)


IMPORTANT! Please Note: 

Shipping charges are non-refundable, the customer is responsible for arranging return shipping and fees incurred, this can be booked here. International orders may be subject to additional shipping costs if a Clone service has been undertaken. If the returned unit is damaged in any way then a further charge will be deducted to cover damage repair costs, this can be up to the full value of the ECU if irreparable damage has occurred. Damage is including but not limited to: broken warranty seals, water damage, incorrect power supply connection, misuse or manipulation. ECU’s purchased as Locked (No Warranty) are not eligible for return under the diagnostic trial. Unfortunately we are unable to offer Diagnostic Trial to any country outside of the EU, if you are a customer from a Non-EU country please contact us for prior arrangement.